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Impala Adventures is Neil Hopkinson.

Laurens Van Der Post wrote of the immense spirit of Africa and its peoples, especially the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. As an impressionable teenager Neil read and absorbed Laurens words and they left him with a deep desire to travel and discover this immense continent and meet its many peoples for himself.

Land Rover's seemed the ideal vehicle in which to travel to Africa in, so Neil's first car was a Series 1 Land Rover and it was with this that his pleasure for off roading and exploring was developed. He also spent a few years as a Land Rover test driver which only fueled his desire to travel the world in this ubiquitous vehicle.

Kenya was the first African country that Neil visited in the early eighties. Here the spirit of Africa bit deeply after incredible experiences in the game parks of Tsavo and Masi Mara.

Back in England Neil with his brother Manley won the Warn Challenge for two years running resulting in him competing in the deserts and mountains of Morocco.

A year after Morocco Neil was approached by some friends of his who asked him to lead them on an Adventure to Morocco.

And so Impala Adventures was born.

Since then Neil and his brother Manley have led many expeditions to remote and exciting locations around the world. Every trip follows Neil's unique approach to off-roading. The emphasis is on adventure and as such participants are encouraged to develop their own off-roading skills.

Using a rally-style road book and maps each vehicle makes its own way to the next camp, auberge or hotel. Impala vehicles lead the way and sweep behind to ensure there are no problems on the route and to assist any vehicles if required.

There are many advantages for not traveling in a convoy, you can explore the route at your own pace, stopping at locations that you choose and experiencing new cultures and landscapes as if you were there on your own, secure in the knowledge that the Impala support teams are there in the background should they be needed. Respect for and interest in other countries and their lifestyles is a significant aspect of an Impala adventure.

The result is an adventure where off-roading is used as a means to access remote and exciting places and to take part in a truly enriching experience.

Off-road driving is only part of the Impala experience. Neil is also one of Porsches Driving Consultants, Jonathan Palmers (of F1 fame) Senior Instructors as well as a qualified RosPa driver and offers tuition on road, race and off road driving techniques.