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Greenlaning - March 2006 - Wales

An eventful Wales Weekend, the snow started on Friday and carried on through the night so Saturday was a whiteout and we knew the driving was going to be different. As usual we were assigned small groups and our group of three consisted of our White 90 (Richard & Jez), Chris's Blue 110 and Vaughan's Discovery. We took it easy on the roads as it was pretty hairy, especially with the drops into the lakes. Chris managed to do a 180 spin right in front of us on one of the roads showing how much ice there was under the snow, so we took it even easier.

Soar Mynydd provided a problem as there was ice on the hill, one of the first vehicles to arrive was a (pretty much brand new) Discovery 3 on standard tires and by the time we arrived it was in the process of being winched up the hill (video below).

On the Sunday we were driving further South and there was less snow but on the last lane we were moving quite rapidly and Chris forgot about his roof rack and an overhanging branch shunted it back by about a foot.



This clip shows a Discovery 3 being winched part way up an icy track at Soar Mynydd followed by a Range Rover and a 110 (which sounds like it was in 1st low-range flat out).