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Gully's Poem

Moroccan Journey by Gully Trim



Gully on top of the 90

Constrained in a car, across Morocco and Spain

pain starting to rise, but with obvious gain
My legs ached, but my spirit wasn't slain
Streaming across continents a land rover like a freight train

Driving through cities with donkeys and more
Jinns commiting sins and minarets galore,
My French and Spanish are ok, but my Arabics poor
Proclaimed linguist, never disappointed as many before!

We admitted a hitchhiker though there wasn't much room
I ordered a Coke at a cafe not presuming....
That I might return with salt, pepper and cumin
Lost in translation left me embarassed and fuming

Unprecedented tanks a plethora of guns
Then peace, hotel in the mountains where the river softly hums
Nightingales sang in the square, accompanied by Berber drums
Poor musical performance but forfilling and fun

Gully learning about the pedalsIn Alex's diary she was quite the clever sleuth
Displaying the difference between fiction and truth
But Neil broke the internet lies like John broke the sun roof!
Camel spiders the size of frisbees?!... What a spoof!

3 days and my wound is slowly healing up
A nasty, crescent shaped, pen knife cut
I learnt a lesson: cut away from yourself... tut tut!
Big thanks to Louise, Manley and a rock for a medical hut

Fun physchological chat with John and Frey's auntie Lou
Subject to Chariots of Gods and dinosaurs too!
According to Neil we originate from a shrew
Rodent to mammal evolution ... who knew?!

Frey got his finger stuck in a coke bottle
And we flew over washouts on a demonic full throttle
Giving Frey's face a comical green mottle
And we spent Arabian nighgts under stars, cheers Aristotle

Talks of Libya, should we pull out the trips ot fire mortar?
And a touching talk with my sister, oh, I miss my dad's daughter
She's got functional electricity and water!
The time's presently standing at not sure and a quarter

It appears it's time to celebrate the day of my birth
Thinking back to when I'd given my mum a bigger gerth
The things she went through!.. more effort than I'm worth
But now I'm with some levably different people - on a different bit of earth

Stuck in the sandFrey and I are in a 'most injuries' competition
Masichism for dummies: though it's a war of attrition
A stubeed toe and cut thumb included in this edition!
But then a surefire concern for mums... maybe not the best decision!

2 days and we've swathed through steep seas of sand
Involving winching, women's pinching and yet on the other hand...
Never before has North Wales seen such a similar land
Surfing down 20 foot dune, not one moment bland!

Finally cascades with frogs inhabiting every crevice and crack
And traipsing along the wet mountain track
Crag Marting's soaring through the sky, alongside our roof rack
Thanks from my mum and father, to Impala. I'm never looking back!

By Gully Trim


 Original handwritten by Gully while on the adventure

Gully's Poem - Page 1

Gully's Poem - Page 1

Gully's Poem - Page 1

Gully's Poem - Page 1