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Now booking for our popular adventure running from the 23rd April 6th 2018. This incredible adventure a mix of campsites and lodges and is a journey across awesome landscapes where you will see desert elephants, giraffes and possibly Lion. This adventure will cost from £4100 per car (includes hire 4x4) with two tents so a family of four to five can enjoy this adventure.
This adventure is running between August 13th to 27th 2018 and will cost £2300 per car. The route is a wonderful mix of forest tracks, river crossings and sandy beaches.
Impala Support Range Rover on Plage BlancheDates 23rd October to 9th November 2017 and will cost £2650 per car. This new adventure in Morocco follows some of the infamous Legionnaires routes across the Moroccan Sahara. The reconnaissance went extremly well and has resulted in a varied and very interesting route across the east of Morocco. [More]


14 Nov 2016
Desert RatThe Desert Rat (ancienus sasius) [More]
8 Dec 2014
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3 Dec 2014
Discovery on a duneBack from Morocco [More]

The Roadbook

14 Nov 2016

Desert Rat

The Story Behind The Photo...... by Neil Hopkinson

Desert Rat

Desert Rat

The desert sun has heated the land to 40° and its heat is radiating upwards making the air very hot indeed. A small group of Land Rover’s are making their way across the sands of Lac Iriki. Inside the cars it is even hotter so the possibility of dehydration and the resulting delirium would be a danger if the occupants did not drink enough precious water.
One of the Landrover’s a blue 90 drew up alongside me and the cheery faces of the two David’s hove into view for a chat. It was then that I noticed it! Sitting quite calmly and with its beady eyes set directly on me was a rat, dangerously close to one of the David’s shoulder. I tried not to look into its dark eyes because I was somewhat concerned as to the reaction from the David’s and imagined a foot planted on a throttle and the car bouncing across the desert with two men frantically trying to rid themselves of this desert rat!!. I have been drinking enough.
It would disappear back down into the interior and then I could calmly get the boy’s out and we would be able to safely rid them of an unwanted passenger. After a few minutes of chatting, during which the rat stubbornly refused to move, the David’s decided to move onto the next waypoint,
“David” I said unable to hide a certain urgency in my voice
He looked quizzically at me and replied “Yes Neil, a problem?”
“I don’t want to alarm you but...........There is a rat sitting behind you”
“Ahh Yes” he replied, not in any way concerned, “He is an old friend, made from a bedspring”
“Looks very real from here”
They both laughed and then headed off into the sands towards Chegega. Later that evening over a gin and tonic and the warmth of a log fire under the million stars of desert sky the rat’s illustrious story unfolded.
This rat has a most fantastic and distinguished history which starts deep within the Sahara with the SAS. The biggest problem that the SAS had was not Rommel’s chaps but the local Arabs pinching their food from the vehicles during the long desert nights so a Major thought long and hard and he came up with a plan, which would keep the food where it was best placed to feed the crews-stick a rat in the jeeps. The problem with a real rat of course is that it would also eat the food so a cunning solution involving a bed spring and some cloth resulted in ratty making and appearance.