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Now booking for our popular adventure running from the 23rd April 6th 2018. This incredible adventure a mix of campsites and lodges and is a journey across awesome landscapes where you will see desert elephants, giraffes and possibly Lion. This adventure will cost from £4100 per car (includes hire 4x4) with two tents so a family of four to five can enjoy this adventure.
This adventure is running between August 13th to 27th 2018 and will cost £2300 per car. The route is a wonderful mix of forest tracks, river crossings and sandy beaches.
Impala Support Range Rover on Plage BlancheDates 23rd October to 9th November 2017 and will cost £2650 per car. This new adventure in Morocco follows some of the infamous Legionnaires routes across the Moroccan Sahara. The reconnaissance went extremly well and has resulted in a varied and very interesting route across the east of Morocco. [More]


14 Nov 2016
Desert RatThe Desert Rat (ancienus sasius) [More]
8 Dec 2014
Sunset over lakeWild camp in Spain [More]
3 Dec 2014
Discovery on a duneBack from Morocco [More]

Newsletter - February 2013

Morocco, The Atlantic Coast, Oued Draa and Sahara

ChegegaWe have just got back from a very successful reconnaissance in Morocco where we put the finishing touches to our new adventure - Morocco, The Atlantic Coast, Oued Draa and Sahara. This adventure will run for the first time from October 21st to November 5th 2013.
This Impala route is the best yet and you will be off roading from the afternoon of day 3, right up to the evening of day 12. Not only will you travel the tracks that run above the cliffs beside the Atlantic and the immense flood plain of the Oued Draa, but also enjoy the sands and dunes of Lac Iriki, not along its northern edge, an area used by most who cross its vastness, but to the south where the driving is more challenging and the wild camps more remote. Two of the many highlights of this adventure are a 45km dash along the sandy beach of Plage Blanche culminating at a beautiful wild campsite near the mouth of the Oued Aounet El Ksab and the remote rock carvings at the end of a blind valley in the Jebel Bani, some of which are 1000 years old are spellbinding to say the least.
EssaouriaEssaouria, Sid Ifni, Tan Tan and of course Marrakech are some of the towns that you will visit on the way and we have factored in time to enjoy them to the full. There are three rest days (Fort Bou-Jerif, Kasbah Azalay and Le Coq Hardi) so that you can just sit back and let the incredible sights, sounds and smells of Morocco settle in your mind-over a gin and tonic or a beer of course!!

The route with details of the hotels and wild camps is laid out below. The price of £2,650 (car with two passengers) includes the usual Impala Support, Roadbooks with maps showing the daily routes and the following:
  • Evening meal on the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander / Santander to Portsmouth
  • 15% discount available for the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander if booked through Impala Adventures
  • Return ferry from Tarifa to Tanger with an open return
  • Bed and breakfast at Ibis Hotel in El Jadida
  • Bed and breakfast at a Riad in Essaouria
  • Dinner, bed and breakfast at Hotel Aglou Beach
  • Two nights camping with dinner at Fort Bou-Jerif (it is possible to upgrade to the Petit Hotel or Motel for £50 per person)
  • Two nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the Kasbah Azalay Hotel
  • Said our Moroccan Mechanic will clean air filters, grease props and check cars over during the rest day at Kasbah Azalay
  • Two nights dinner, bed and breakfast at the hotel Le Coq Hardi at Ait Ourir

If you would like to come and enjoy this exceptional adventure with us you can book one of the ten places available, so give me a ring  on 07930910870 or drop me an email on to secure your adventure with Impala. 

The route and dates

Where we will be staying

Day 1: Monday 21st October: Tarifa to El Jadida Hotel Ibis near the beach at El Jadida
Day 2: Tuesday 22nd October: El Jadida to Essaouria Riad in Essaouria Medina near the port. Cars will be parked with a Guardian
Day 3: Wednesday 23rd October: Essaouria to Aglou Plage Hotel Aglou Plage overlooking the Atlantic
Day 4: Thursday 24th October: Aglou Plage to Fort Bou-Jerif Camping but Hotel Option. Fort Bou-Jerif is set amongst semi desert
Day 5: Friday 25th October: Rest Day Camping but Hotel Option
Day 6: Saturday 26th October:  Fort Bou-Jerif to Plage Blanche Wild Camp near the mouth of Oued Aounet El Ksab
Day 7: Sunday 27th October: Plage Blanche to Tan Tan Wild Camp south east of Tan Tan
Day 8 : Monday 28th October: Tan Tan to Oued Draa and The Rock Carvings Wild Camp in the Acacia Valley near the Rock Carvings
Day 9: Tuesday 29th October: Oued Draa to Akka Camp Wild Camp in the desert south of Akka in amongst Acacia
Day 10 : Wednesday 30th October: Lac Iriki Wild Camp near Mrimina in a desert valley
Day 11 : Thursday 31st October: Lac Iriki and Chegega Wild Camp in the dunes of Chegega 
Day 12: Friday 1st November: Lac Iriki to Kasbah Azalay Kasbah Azalay
Day 13: Saturday 2nd November: Rest Day Kasbah Azalay; Said to check cars 
Day 14: Sunday 3rd November: Kasbah Azalay to Ait Ourir Le Coq Hardi Hotel via Cascade Du Tizgi
Day 15: Monday 4th November: Rest Day  Le Coq Hardi and Marrakech
Day 16: Tuesday 5th November: Ait Ourir to Spain

Impala Support Range Rover on Plage Blanche

Plage Blanche


The French Legionnaires Fort Bou-Jerif

Fort Bou-Jerif


Somewhere on the Plage BlanchePlage Blanche


Lion's once roamed the Moroccan SaharaRock Art