Adventures Booking

Now booking for our popular adventure running from the 23rd April 6th 2018. This incredible adventure a mix of campsites and lodges and is a journey across awesome landscapes where you will see desert elephants, giraffes and possibly Lion. This adventure will cost from £4100 per car (includes hire 4x4) with two tents so a family of four to five can enjoy this adventure.
This adventure is running between August 13th to 27th 2018 and will cost £2300 per car. The route is a wonderful mix of forest tracks, river crossings and sandy beaches.
Impala Support Range Rover on Plage BlancheDates 23rd October to 9th November 2017 and will cost £2650 per car. This new adventure in Morocco follows some of the infamous Legionnaires routes across the Moroccan Sahara. The reconnaissance went extremly well and has resulted in a varied and very interesting route across the east of Morocco. [More]


14 Nov 2016
Desert RatThe Desert Rat (ancienus sasius) [More]
8 Dec 2014
Sunset over lakeWild camp in Spain [More]
3 Dec 2014
Discovery on a duneBack from Morocco [More]

Camping Equipment

2 man tent

Sand and normal tent pegs

4 season sleeping bags (-15)

Sleeping mats· Small camping stove and gas (depending on size of canister – approx. 3 med.)


2 camping saucepans

2 plates/2 bowls/2 mugs

2 sets of knives, forks, spoons & teaspoons

Suggested Cooking Utensils

Tin Opener


Sharp knife

Wooden Spoon

Small chopping board

Washing up bowl etc.

Food for 2 weeks


Water Siphon