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Namibian Adventures

Grade 2.

We now offer two types of Namibian Adventures: You can camp using a 4x4 with tent(s) on the roof or enjoy the unsurpassed luxury of Namibian Lodges. 

Our safaris start at the Auas game farm near Windhoek before heading off onto one of our three routes, each adventure explores a different part of the west and north of Namibia.

The diversity of landscapes is awe-inspiring from sand rivers, Mountain passes (one called divorce pass!!) and tracks through Mopani bush to the unexpected lushness of the banks of the Kuene River at Epupa falls.

The climate is dry, typical of a semi-desert country where droughts are a regular occurrence. Days are warm to hot whilst at night at around two am it can become quite cool. Fog can be expected along the coast as the warm air from the desert meets the cold Benguela current.

One of the highlights of the trip is taking a couple of bush walk's. You will walk with Neil Hopkinson along sand rivers searching for the tracks (spoor) left by passing wildlife. Neil will tell you which animal has left their spoor and what it was doing, if you are very lucky you may see Gemsbok, Kudu, Eland or even a Leopard. Vigilance is paramount and you must never become complacent.

Namibia is one of the last refuges of the Bushmen and you will be stunned into a respectful silence as their rock paintings come to life out of the rocks before your very eyes.

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Impala's Namibian Routes

Erongo, Etosha and Boesmanland (Lodge Adventure) £7300 per car (flight not included)

Day 1: Europe to Auas Game Farm near Windhoek: Your cars will be waiting for you at the airport and you will be met by Impala Staff.

Day 2: Auas Game Farm Rest Day: Game walks and drives or sit beside the pool with a gin and tonic: Sundowner Game drive, enjoy a beer from a high hill looking out over the Bush.

Day 3: Erongo: Hohenstein Lodge: Game Drive and Bird Watching: Sundowner overlooking Spitzkoppe;

Day 4: Cape Cross Lodge via Spitzkoppe and Hentis Bay where you can stock up before the joourney into Damaraland: Seal Colony near Cape Cross Lodge and The Sea.

Day 5: Uis via The Mesum Crater and Wewlwitchita Plants before The Brandberg White Lady Lodge

Day 6: Bushman Painting visit then Divorce Pass to Twyfelfontein and The Mowani Mountain camp

Day 7: Twyfelfontein Rock Carvings then Etosha: The Okaukuejo Rest Camp

Day 8: Etosha : Halali Rest Camp after a days Game Drive in Etosha

Day 9: Etosha : Namutoni Rest Camp after a days Game Drive in Etosha

Day 10: Tsumeb and the !Uris Safari Lodge: Visit to Tsumb Cultral Village 

Day 11: Tsumkwe, Bushman Villages, Nyae Nyae Conservancy: The Tsumkwe Country Lodge

Day 12: Gobabis: Harnas Wildlife Foundation Lodge: Bushman engravings at Kalahari Bushbreaks Lodge.

Day 13: Gobabis: West Nest Lodge: relax before your flight home

Day 14: Windhoek Airport and flights home.


Swakopmund, Seisfontein and Kakoland (Camping Adventure) £4100 per car (flight not included)

Day 1: Europe to Auas Game Farm: Your cars will be waiting at the airport for you and you will be met by Impala Staff.

Day 2: Auas Game Farm rest day: Game Walks and Drives or sit beside the pool with a gin and tonic: Sundowner Game Drive on a hill overlooking the Bush.

Day 3: Windhoek to reprovision before travelling to the Tsaobis Rest Camp via The Bosua Pass. 

Day 4: Spitzkoppe via Karibib and Usakos: Bushman paintings, walking and an excellent restaurant that makes the best Rock Shandy.

Day 5: Uis: Brandberg Wild Camp via the Mesum Crater: Bushman paintings and resupply 

Day 6 and 7: Twyfelfontein: Abadi Mountain Camp set amongst the Acacia and Mopani trees alongside the Aba Huab River. Elephants can wander through the campsute and you will have a day to enjoy the Rock Carvings, Damara Cultural Village and Petrified Forest.

Day 8: Etosha: Okaukeujo Rest Camp: Game drives around Etosha.

Day 9: Etosha: Halali Rest Camp: Game drives around Etosha.

Day 10:Etosha: Namutoni Rest Camp: Game drives around Etosha.

Day 11: Waterberg Campsite: Walks up onto the Waterberg Plateau where you may catch a glimpse of Rhino.

Day 12: The journey to Auas will take you through Windhoek and you will have time to vist the craft centre which is full to the brim of Namibian Tribal art and crafts and an excellent cafe selling sumptious cakes.

Day 13: Auas Game Farm: enjoy a relaxing day beside the pool or walk deep into the bush before your flight home.

Day 14: Flights home


Getting to Namibia

You will need to get a flight from Europe to Windhoek International Airport where you will meet Impala Staff who will have your hire car or your shipped car waiting there for you.

Vehicle Options

There are two options avaliable for you in Namibia:

  • Impala will hire you a 4x4 car( Landrover, Discovery, Jeep, Nissan or Toyota 4x4's are avaliable) or we can arrange for your own 4x4 to be shipped from England to Walvis Bay in Namibia. You can talk to us to find which option suits yor budget.
  • If you do take your own car then it may be away for three weeks each side of the adventure.
  • A Carnet de Passage is needed for Namibia and we will assist you in arranging this document


Conditions to Expect in Namibia

  • temperatures up to 40 degrees centigrade during the hottest part of the day
  • nights can be down to 2 degres centigrade
  • sea fogs are very common up to 50km inland along the coast
  • sand tracks in the mopani bush and savanna. red sand near the kalahari and in the marinfluss
  • rock tracks in the hills and mountains
  • river crossings during the raininy season
  • campsites range from basic to very high luxury
  • hotels and lodges are all excellent