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Now booking for our popular adventure running from the 23rd April 6th 2018. This incredible adventure a mix of campsites and lodges and is a journey across awesome landscapes where you will see desert elephants, giraffes and possibly Lion. This adventure will cost from £4100 per car (includes hire 4x4) with two tents so a family of four to five can enjoy this adventure.
This adventure is running between August 13th to 27th 2018 and will cost £2300 per car. The route is a wonderful mix of forest tracks, river crossings and sandy beaches.
Impala Support Range Rover on Plage BlancheDates 23rd October to 9th November 2017 and will cost £2650 per car. This new adventure in Morocco follows some of the infamous Legionnaires routes across the Moroccan Sahara. The reconnaissance went extremly well and has resulted in a varied and very interesting route across the east of Morocco. [More]


14 Nov 2016
Desert RatThe Desert Rat (ancienus sasius) [More]
8 Dec 2014
Sunset over lakeWild camp in Spain [More]
3 Dec 2014
Discovery on a duneBack from Morocco [More]

Customer Testimonial - Michele & Richard

Michele & Richard

Why did you choose Impala over other adventure companies

Using roadbooks rather than convoy is the best part, we've tried convoy trips in the UK in the past and they are quite boring playing follow the leader all day long. We like to be able to stop when we like rather than following the operators schedule for stops.

Which Adventures Have You Been On

Wales, Lake District, Peak District, Salisbury, Exmoor

Morocco - Plage Blanche & Sahara

Morocco - High Atlas & Sahara

Morocco - Cedar Forest & Sahara


Which Vehicle Did You Use

Land Rover Defender 90 300TDI

Did you do any preparations to your vehicle before embarking on the adventure?

When we originally went on our first adventure, which was a Wales weekend, the vehicle was pretty standard but since then it has gone through a transformation into a reasonably capable off-road vehicle.For our first trip to Morocco we did add an extended range fuel tank, water tank, roof-rack, awning, replaced springs and shock absorbers to cope with the extra load.

How did you find using the roadbooks rather than convoying?

This is the main reason we continued going on Impala adventures rather than other companies. The road books are straightforward once you get your head around the different information and make sure all the information is used.The road books also mean that the passenger is involved in the trip and actively involved with navigation.

How did you find the wild camping?

The first time we wild camped was in Morocco and being able to pull-up anywhere in the desert and camp is a little strange at first. Carrying enough water is important and on our first trip we did run out when in the desert and had to trade wine for water!The most stressful part of wild camping for the first time, which I think is the same for most people, are the toilet facilities or the lack of them. It's a long walk when you head off with shovel and loo-roll, knowing that you're being watched and everyone knows where you're going. After the first few times it becomes a natural process and in some places it's preferable to go in the wild than use some of the toilet facilities provided.

What did you enjoy most about the adventure?

We've been on 4 overseas adventures and one of the best parts is the people we've met and friends that we've made. Because of the route books everyone can choose their own pace and grouping, some will travel alone others will group together. We usually travel in a small group of 2 or 3 vehicles and enjoy the company and friendships that we've made.

Did you learn anything while on the adventure?

Carry a lot of water in the desert.

You can never have too much beer and wine.

It's hard to go back to work after 4 weeks off in Scandinavia and Russia!