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Our equpment list has been honed during many years of adventures from Russia to The Sahara and is the definitive list for most vehicle's that take part on one of our adventures. During our training weekends we look closely at any specific additions for your car.

Car Spare Parts

All these should fit into 2 x 2ft square boxes




Electrical parts needed for petrol cars



Recovery Equipment

On of the most important and easiest ways to look after your car is to use the specific maintenance schedule below. This schedule has been put together in the light of over twenty years of off road adventure experience.

Daily Maintenance

Weekly checks

Points to remember

  1. If wheel has been changed, hand check nuts after 2 hours driving
  2. Remember you know your car - if in doubt check
  3. Your car will need a service on your return

Navigational Equipment

Camping Equipment

Not necessary for day or weekend trips.

Suggested Cooking Utensils

Food for the duration of the Adventure.

First Aid Kit

A typical medical kit should include:

Optional Equipment, although highly recommended

NB. You must make a list of all items in the car for Russia. This maybe required at customs; if you do not have one to hand the delays at customs can be horrendous.