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Offroad Driving Adventures from Impala Adventures

Neil Hopkinson of Impala Adventures has been organising exciting, cultural off road adventures to some of the worlds most exciting and remote locations for more than twenty years.

All of our adventures evolve year upon year so that our routes are never the same, this is very important as many of our clients return time and time again so that they can enjoy the spirit and culture of their favourite adventure once more.

For Morocco we now have four routes, each one very different and in 2012 we will be using an evolution of our first adventure to this beautiful country, Morocco, The High Atlas, as well as the forth running of our new adventure exploring Morocco's Atlantic Coast and the Sahara along the Oued Draa, Morocco, The Plage Blanche and the Oued Draa.

How does an Impala Adventure Work?

Every one of our Adventure’s is thoroughly researched and carefully reconnoitered. This allows us to prepare an "experience of a lifetime" that encompasses the spirit and culture of the countries visited. One of our hallmarks is the comprehensive road books that are produced for each adventure, that will enable you to travel at your own pace in confidence and safety. Such thorough preparation ensures that you will enjoy a “once in a lifetime” experience in the country of your choiceon the adventure with Impala.

Each adventure has at least two support vehicles which are manned by trained and experienced Impala guides. All of our support vehicles are equipped with recovery and repair gear, enabling us to rescue and repair any client’s car should a breakdown occur, thus ensuring you a worry free adventure.

At Impala we do not travel in a convoy. Each morning or the evening before the group is given a roadbook and briefed on the day’s route, places to visit and the approximate driving time for that day. This enable's you to set your own pace throughout the day, stopping for those photos and enjoying the experience in your own time.

While you enjoy a leisurely breakfast one of the Impala cars sets off to open the route. This is to ensure that there are no problems on the way. Clients then set off either singularly or in groups, reading the roadbook as they go. Two hours after the last client car has set off to enjoy the day’s adventure the other Impala support start their sweep behind. The day’s driving ends as you arrive at the evening’s campsite, hotel or wild camp it is always reassuring to see the impala car waiting there to greet and settle you in for the evening.